Samples donated for the VOGAS project will be an important part for MMHP

January 6-8, 2020, Shenzhen, China.  The 1st Symposium on Million Microbiome of Human Project (MMHP) took place in the China National GeneBank. This is an ambitious and unique project aiming to draw human microbial maps of different races, ages, genders and health conditions based on at least 1 mil. metagenome analysis.

Involvement of research institutions from all over the world is anticipated. It has been planned that samples from Latvian inhabitants that have either already been donated for the VOGAS project realization or will be collected in the future within this study, will be an important part for MMHP and will allow either to characterize the human microbiome population in Latvia or to stimulate research in this field in the country.

The Director of the Latvian Research and Study Centre Jānis Kloviņš and the Director of Institute of Clinical and Preventive Medicine Mārcis Leja were representing our country in the conference.  

MMHP is supported by the internationally leading experts in molecular biology – the BGI Company. Their daughter company MGI is also established in Latvia.