Vogas Intervew Series

VOGAS partners share their thoughts on the main challenges faced during the last 3 years. From unforeseen challenges like the COVID-19 pandemic and the conflict in Ukraine to predicted risks as technical and logistical issues.

Gidi Shani: Looking at the present and thinking of the future, VOGAS scientific coordinator share his thoughts on the project’s main achievements and what lies ahead for breath sampling technologies. /vogas-interview-series-gidi-shani/

Emmanuel Dias Neto: Key uptakes and main lessons learned during VOGAS, according to the project clinical investigator in Brazil. /vogas-interview-series-emmanuel-dias-neto/

Giovanna Sanchez Nieminen: How digital health tools and VOGAS could improve health equality? VOGAS Responsible Research and Innovation expert shares her thoughts on breath analyzers’ impact on health equality. /vogas-interview-series-giovanna-sanchez-nieminen/

Jan Mitrovics: JLM Innovation’s founder explains how does the basics of breath analysis and how VOGAS breath sampler works. /vogas-interview-series-jan-mitrovics/

Marcis Leja: “It is still longer way to go to clinical applications” VOGAS clinical investigator in Latvia shares his thoughts on the main challenges and achievements during the project. /vogas-interview-marcis-leja/